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  • MD-R40
  • MD-L40
Model MD-R40
Capacity Item/min 15-20
Effieciency 99%
Work Weight KG 110
Power Consumption KW 3.2
Air Supply Pressure Mpa 0.5
Air Consumption m³/h 1
Power V 200-600
Work Pressire Mpa 0.5

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Model MD-L40
Capacity Item/min 40
Stack Height mm >100mm
Max.Carrying Capacity/Layer KG 250
Max.Carrying Capacity/Pallet KG 1500
Installation Power KW 20
Power V 380
Air Consumption L/min 200
Air Pressure Mpa 7
PLC Input/Output Power KW 24
Pallet Size it's up to customer

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Low-level palletizer can put packed product to pallet and stack, then push out it in order that forklift can carry it to warehouse. This machine adopts touch screen control, realizes intelligent operation management, simple, easy to master, can greatly reduce labor personnel and reduce the labor intensity. and adopt high speed, smooth, space-saving design. One machine is multi-purpose, adjust quickly and no need to worry about replacement for product.

palletizing machine for carton

Robot palletizer adopt PLC to control stacking layer, arrangement, pallet-supplying and pallet-exit. simple structure, easy to maintenance and operate. it will save human resources equipped with robot hand.

robot palletizing machine

Palletizer can apply to carton packing product palletizing, bag product palletizing, can product palletizing, box product palletizing, bottle palletizing,etc. which is widely used in chemical ,food, beverage, beer industry. we can customize low-level palletizer, high-level palletizer and robot palletizer according to your factory layout and product.

1.Welding- joint structure and adjustable foot stand
2.Product input area and buffer area are made of stainless steel expansion cylinder and the output expansion cylinder of the finished stack is made of carbon steel also can be chain transport.
3.Two arragement forms: up sliding box and horizontal sliding
4.Main lifting mechanism adopts motor drive transmission
5.Adopting electric motor transmission sliding board
6.Speed up conveyor and steering gear

rotary stretch wrapper machine

This is rotary arm stretch wrapper machine, will wrap film for palletizing product. Connected with our palletizing machine for packing line.

depalletizer machine

This is depalletizer machine, will be apply to empty can like metal can, plastic can, glass bottle,etc. Connected with our palletising machine for packing line.