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  • KX-12
Model KX-12
Power W 200
Packing Speed ctns/min 12
Carton Storage Quantity pcs 100pcs(1000mm)
Carton Size mm L200-450×W150-400×H100-400
Applicable Tape mm 48mm, 60mm, 75mm (Choose one type)
Machine Size mm L2000×W1900×H1450mm
Weight KG 450
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Name: KX-12
Country: Columbia
Industry: Coating products
Detailes: This factory specializes in coating products, our machine is for opening products' cartons.

Name: KX-12
Country: Thailand
Industry: Beverage
Detailes: This factory specializes in beverage products, our machine is for opening beverage cartons.

KX Series automatic carton erector can open carton, shape, fold and stick the adhesive tape automatically. Our case erector can automatically correct the right-angle. Automatic carton erector is widely used in automatic packing line, it can continue opening carton in mass quantity,  fold the bottom and sealing automatically. Equipped PLC and touch screen control, convenient for operation and management, it helps save large manpower.
And according to client’s requirement, automatic carton erector can be equipped hot melt glue machine for sealing.

KX 001.png

Cardboards storage part. This is cardboards storage part, putting cardboards in this part, then moving the splint to fixed them.

Cardboard sucking device. Automatic suck cardboard to open it.

KX 002.png

KX 003.png

Carton bottom folding device

Carton pushing device. Automatic carton erector equips Photoelectric sensors device, when sense carton folding completed, pushing carton device will push the carton to conveyor belt.

KX 004.png

KX 005.png

Carton transporting belt and Bottom sealing device. Belt conveyor will take carton forward on, and there’s a adhesive tape under it, carton can be sealed when transporting, then out of machine conveyor. And as per customer’s demand, hot melt glue sealing can be equipped.

Our automatic carton erector applys to open cartons with bottom sealing, normally, applicable standard carton size is L200-450*W150-400*H100-400mm. For smaller or bigger carton, we can customized according to customer’s specific demands.
Applicable tape is 48mm, 60mm, 75mm (Choose one type).

carton erector carton packer  carton sealer

For hot melt glue sealing, our hot melt glue carton erector is your ideal choice. Nordson brand hot melt glue machine promises firm and nice sealing effect.

hot melt glue machine

1 Imported parts, electrical and pneumatic components;
2 Automatically adjust the height and the width for different size of cartons;
3 Advanced pneumatic control system compare with the complicated electrical control system;
4 Fold the top covers automatically, side belts driven top and bottom sealing;
5 Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter;
6 Both steel and stainless steel types.
7 Photoelectricity induction system.

Our KX-12 automatic carton erector can be connected with ZX-20 automatic case packer and FX-50 automatic carton sealer or FX-50F semi-automatic case sealer for automatic packing line.

ZX-20 case.png

This is our ZX-20 automatic case packer, when detecting the opened carton from carton erector, ZX-20 will pack automatically.

These are FX-50 automatic carton sealer and FX-50F semi-automatic carton sealer, after carton opening and packing, carton sealing machine will fold cover and sealed automatically.

FX case.jpg

Below is work flow chart

carton filling machine